About Aaron

Aaron Le Saux has a long history of running and working within small business.

Aarons first small business started when he was 14 years old, operating a small business as an IT technician for his own high school.  Aaron sought the necessary ICT industry qualifications to work within the industry before his high school graduation. Immediately after, he was employed by his schools IT firm working within private enterprise & government.

After 8 years, Aaron created his own IT consultancy firm Alite Networks Pty Ltd. Through this venture, he continued working within private enterprise and government specialising in a range of industry technology portfolios. These specialisations saw him move into the role of the Network, Endpoint & Communications Manager for one of Australia’s largest not-for-profit private hospital operators managing a team of ICT engineers across Australia. Aaron has seen significant disruption within the industry and has provided the necessary support for the organisation to adapt. Through its mission, this healthcare organisation also specialises in social outreach & advocacy in the areas of mental health & homelessness of which Aaron has been required to work alongside caregivers to ensure systems provided met the needs of the patient, client or employee.

In 2015, Aaron and his partner acquired “Mille Vini” – a successful wine bar restaurant located on Crown St in Surry Hills Sydney. Despite his partner being the general manager since 2013, the business saw significant decline in 2016 due to the carelessly planned Sydney light rail project. Aaron and Rhaad sought assistance from both local & state government but were rejected.  Through no other option, Aaron and Angela Vithoulkas developed a website where businesses impacted by light rail construction could document their experiences should there be grounds for a class action law suit.

Since the launch of a class action lawsuit against Transport for NSW, Aaron has sought the approval of Angela Vithoulkas to represent the seat of Newtown in the upcoming 2019 NSW State election for the Small Business Party. Knowing Devonshire and Crown St in Surry Hills have been traumatised by the works, Aaron is aware of how poorly planned government policy can impact small business. Aaron wants to ensure that future government decisions don’t negatively impact small business. Aaron is also aware of the upcoming challenge for small business to adapt to a digital world and wants to extend his extensive knowledge in information technology, cloud & digital transformation to ensure small business can compete in this new world.