Aaron Le Saux – Candidate for Newtown

Aaron started his first small business venture at the age of 14, as an IT Technician for his high school. For 10 years he’s worked as either an IT consultant for his own small business or others.

Since the GFC Aaron has been working as an IT Manager for one of Australia’s largest not for profit healthcare organisations. He likes to think he has a big business brain and a small business heart.

It is from personal experience that Aaron has seen how non-compassionate government policy can be, affecting people’s livelihoods.

In 2015, Aarons partner of 13 years and himself bought Mille Vini (MV), a successful wine bar on Crown St in Surry Hills. This was meant to be their dream, but since the #lightrailfail both of them have seen a once vibrant street turn into a ghost town. Pedestrian traffic has dropped 60% since construction, and over 30 businesses have closed in their vicinity. Through his analytical, financial and negotiation skills Aaron continues to trade, despite being denied any government assistance.

During this time, WestConnex forced Aaron to move homes. The move almost bankrupted him when unannounced WestConnex construction started in his garden during the sale. Despite Aaron’s best attempts, WestConnex has found them again, with the M4-M5 underground tunnel now being built on the doorstep their Stanmore home.

In Aaron’s downtime, he likes nothing more than spending time with his partner and walking their two-rescue fur-babies Dannii and Archie around Newtown, Camperdown, and Stanmore. Despite Australia voting YES to Same-Sex Marriage, light rail financial stress has prevented Aaron and his partner from getting married.

With your vote, Aaron will fight for the people and small businesses of the great seat of Newtown. 

If elected to the seat of Newtown, I vow to fight for:

• Compensation for those impacted by WestConnex
• A full repeal of lockout laws and a safe, balanced night-time economy
• On-demand public transport (Bridj) for the Newtown electorate 

Get in touch with Aaron today:

Phone: 0412 121 145

Email: aaron.lesaux@thesmallbusinessparty.com


If we remove the burden of land tax from NSW, we reduce the overheads necessary for businesses to operate, but also assist with housing affordability for families and communities.

The Small Business Party believes that land tax is a significant inhibitor to business and family stability. As land taxes continue to rise in NSW, these costs need to be accounted for in some way and more often than not are passed onto those small businesses and families.

This is another tax on property in NSW, which is already heavily and unfairly taxed.

On average across Sydney in 2018 - land tax accounted for the following extra costs on private tenants and commercial lessees:

  • An average of $5028 in land tax (on a residential investment property)
    • This equals an extra $100 PER WEEK to the average renter in Sydney
  • An average of $21028 in land tax (on a commercial investment property)
    • This equals an extra $400 PER WEEK to the average commercial tenant in Sydney