Fiona Douskou – Candidate for Sydney

“I am Fiona Douskou, and I am The Small Business Party Candidate for the seat of Sydney.”

Fiona is a proud resident of Potts Point and absolutely loves the vibrancy and sense of community she feels around the area each and every day.

Fiona is a firm believer that small businesses are so much more than just shop fronts, and outlets – they’re the families and the local communities.

A thriving small business community maintains the energy that Sydney is known for.

Fiona grew up in a small business family and has run small businesses of her own. She understands first-hand how tough it can be.

Currently, Fiona is working in telecommunications within the city and cannot think of a more beautiful place in which to spend her days – the world’s best city.

When she is not working or walking around her local area, Fiona enjoys practicing yoga, running and generally exploring all the city has to offer.

Get in touch with Fiona today – chat with her about how she can help Save Small Business and OUR local communities.

Get in touch with Fiona today:

Phone: 0439 241 327



If we remove the burden of land tax from NSW, we reduce the overheads necessary for businesses to operate, but also assist with housing affordability for families and communities.

The Small Business Party believes that land tax is a significant inhibitor to business and family stability. As land taxes continue to rise in NSW, these costs need to be accounted for in some way and more often than not are passed onto those small businesses and families.

This is another tax on property in NSW, which is already heavily and unfairly taxed.

On average across Sydney in 2018 - land tax accounted for the following extra costs on private tenants and commercial lessees:

  • An average of $5028 in land tax (on a residential investment property)
    • This equals an extra $100 PER WEEK to the average renter in Sydney
  • An average of $21028 in land tax (on a commercial investment property)
    • This equals an extra $400 PER WEEK to the average commercial tenant in Sydney