About Georgia

Georgia Thomas is the principle solicitor of a small legal practice on the Central Coast that focuses on the unique needs of startups and small businesses. She is the author of several books, including The Small Business Legal Toolkit, launched in June 2018.

Georgia is passionate about small business and the integral role it plays in our community, and as a small business owner herself, she is acutely aware of the challenges involved in juggling the demands of business, family and self-care. She also understands that the interconnectedness of business and family, means they have a stake in everything from health and education, to superannuation and infrastructure.

She sees small business owners as brave individuals who take on significant risk to create an income for themselves and others, and she believes they deserve representation in every decision that impacts upon their livelihood. Small businesses play a vital role in Australia’s economy, but even more so in local communities where they create opportunities for employment close to home.

Georgia has lived on the Central Coast for 40 years and watched it grow from a sleepy retirement location, to a thriving community of young families and businesses. With that growth has come a steady increase in the numbers of commuters who travel hours each day to work, and the need for local jobs continues to be a major issue for the region.

Her background in child protection law has provided insight into the social challenges of families across New South Wales and particularly the Wyong area. She has been involved in many community projects and was a founding director of a local charity that supported women and children fleeing domestic violence.

Georgia is an advocate for entrepreneurship as a way of easing many social concerns and is keen to work with community groups to establish supported small business career paths for school leavers, our commuting population, and those with disabilities that act as a barrier to traditional employment. Entrepreneurship may also provide opportunities for parents returning to the workforce, or older workers who have been made redundant.

Her candidacy for the Small Business Party in the Wyong Electorate will bring these issues to the forefront and work toward securing a voice for small businesses and their families in the upper house.