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Businesses Choosing to Accept Unvaccinated Customers

18 October 2021 Teresa 0 Comments

To Comply or Not Comply, That Is The Question!
How many customers will #SmallBusinessOwners lose over vaccinations?

I have had hundreds of calls in the last few weeks over this issue from Small Business owners who are scared. What from? Well…

– Social media backlash if they accept unvaccinated customers
– Unfair dismissal claims from staff if they “enforce” vaccinations as a term of continued employment
– Loss of customers & contracts if they don’t have vaccinated staff

It seems that the roadmaps that NSW and the VIC government doesn’t allow for any of this…. the right to choose how you run your business, who can come in, who you serve, who you employ…

What do you think? Send me an email with your thoughts to: admin@thesmallbusinessparty.com

How can we force Small Business owners to shoulder decisions – and possibly defend legally them, when our own governments refuse to?

Here are the results of a recent poll I posted for my LinkedIn community:

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