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NSW Roadmap Out of COVID19 Lockdown, No Real Answers or Guidance

18 October 2021 Teresa 0 Comments

“You have arrived at your destination, the route guidance system has finished” Exactly who is in charge of the Roadmap for Small Business in NSW & VIC?

Roadmaps imply a destination. Where are we going?
Have we programmed in the expected bumps, or is that a user pays option?

Today the NSW Government announced that we have a 3 stage Roadmap to come out of lockdown.

Bronze 70% double vaccinated October 11
Silver  80% double vaccinated October 28ish
Gold   90% double vaccinated December 1 doors open to all. Including the unvaccinated.

How does that make you feel as a small business owner?
Have you been stressed in the last few months trying to get your
head around how you will come out of lockdown only to discover that there wont actually be any rules soon enough?

Personally, I’ve been angry over the mixed MESSaging and that the facts get interpreted as required.

Small Business in Australia has taken the COVID hit from every angle – lockdowns, lockouts, slow dripped pitiful financial assistanc

If you have any concerns, contact us – angela@thesmallbusinessparty.com

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