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Robin Hood in Reverse - Viewble TV Marketing Scam

18 October 2019 Admin 0 Comments
Small businesses are often the focus of attempted scams, as unscrupulous operators attempt to cash in on business men and women who are looking to gain a competitive advantage. The most recent story to come to light involves Viewble, a TV marketing company who provide in-store advertising units to businesses, with the promise of a cash-back. From the Sydney Morning Herald (dated November 23, 2018): Small businesses caught up in an alleged scam involving television marketing company Viewble Media have turned their focus to the finance companies involved which are estimated to be taking more than $31 million in payments. Thousands of small businesses around Australia have been caught in the alleged scam which involves paying $430 a month to a finance company, under a three-year contract which will cost up to $15,500.   To read the full article, head to¬†the Sydney Morning Herald.

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