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Angela Vithoulkas

Angela Vithoulkas

Angela has been a successful small business owner for over 30 years in partnership with her brother Con. She lives and breathes small business.

Angela has a long and proud history as a small business advocate, commentator and advisor.

In 2012 Angela was elected as an independent Councillor for the City of Sydney and again in 2016, where she was subsequently appointed as Deputy Chairperson of the City of Sydney Economic Development and Business Sub-committee throughout both terms.

In 2015 the NSW State Government began the Sydney Light Rail construction project and devastated not only the CBD but also several other suburbs – Haymarket, Surry Hills, Moore Park, Kensington, Kingsford and Randwick. Almost 2,000
businesses have been impacted along with thousands of residents.

Angela’s successful flagship store, VIVO Café closed on August 24, 2018 after 17 years of trading and 3 years of enduring the devastating construction that is Light Rail.

Throughout this experience Angela helped hundreds of small businesses fight for financial assistance and justice, launching a class action against State Government in 2018.

With a strong focus on “giving small business a voice”, she continues to advocate and fight for the community right across NSW, looking for justice for those who have no voice and no champion to fight for them.

Angela is an engaging public speaker and commentator who is regularly sought out by industry and media. She appears regularly on ABC, ABC News 24, The Drum, Channel 95 Your Money, 2GB, 2UE and 7 News.

Acknowledgement of her success over the years is reflected through her many awards which include NSW Entrepreneur of the Year and Telstra Women’s Business Owner of the Year. In 2017 Angela was named as one of Australia’s top 9 influential female entrepreneurs.

In 2018 Angela formed The Small Business Party, an independent political party with a focus on small business owners and their families.

Fiona Douskou

Fiona Douskou

Fiona is a proud resident of Potts Point Sydney, and absolutely loves the vibrancy and sense of community she feels around the area each and every day.

Fiona is a firm believer that small businesses are so much more than just shop fronts, and outlets – they’re the families and the local communities.

A thriving small business community maintains the energy that Sydney and Australia is known for.

Fiona grew up in a small business family and has run small businesses of her own. She understands first-hand how tough it can be.

Currently, Fiona is working in telecommunications,  and when she is not working or walking around her local area, Fiona enjoys practicing yoga, running and generally exploring all the city has to offer.

VIC Federal Senate

Simon Kemp

Simon Kemp

Simon was born in Melbourne but spent his childhood on farms near Gisborne VIC, Albury, Holbrook and Armidale NSW.

His working life in Melbourne has been in the electrical contracting field, electronic fields, then the digital era in conference communications.

In 1994 he founded Bramshaw ICS Conference Communications, Melbourne

As the Principal and Managing Director he has worked Australia wide and internationally.

His skills in management, teaching and mentoring apprentices, budgeting and finance have been the driving force behind his business achievements.

Simon is an active volunteer in his community and advocates passionately for transparency and a fair go for all.

Peter Graham

Peter Graham

Peter has been involved with a number of successful start ups and has a long background in the IT world. He has developed and invented Internet Solutions and set up businesses in Australia, Singapore, Germany and the US.

He holds a Bachelor of Economics (B Ec.) and a Master of Business Administration (MBA).

Peter has decades of experience in financial analysis and management, budgeting, strategic planning, business financing and export market development.

He is also an active member of his local community and has spent 35 years as a volunteer.  Most recently as a Yarra Junior Football League (YJFL) Board Member for 11 years.  During which time he was Vice President for 6 years and Umpire Manager for 4 years (in charge of 355 umpires, up from 145).  During this time, Peter also help establish the largest girl’s league in Melbourne’s eastern suburbs.  

The YJFL has over 10,500 players, over 400 teams and 32 clubs. 


If we remove the burden of land tax from NSW, we reduce the overheads necessary for businesses to operate, but also assist with housing affordability for families and communities.

The Small Business Party believes that land tax is a significant inhibitor to business and family stability. As land taxes continue to rise in NSW, these costs need to be accounted for in some way and more often than not are passed onto those small businesses and families.

This is another tax on property in NSW, which is already heavily and unfairly taxed.

On average across Sydney in 2018 - land tax accounted for the following extra costs on private tenants and commercial lessees:

  • An average of $5028 in land tax (on a residential investment property)
    • This equals an extra $100 PER WEEK to the average renter in Sydney
  • An average of $21028 in land tax (on a commercial investment property)
    • This equals an extra $400 PER WEEK to the average commercial tenant in Sydney