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Meet City of Parramatta Lord Mayor Candidate Councillor Andrew Wilson

Meet Councillor Andrew Wilson

Councillor Andrew Wilson has been a long-time local resident of Parramatta, having lived in Harris Park, Epping and Parramatta since 1990. He was elected as a councillor first in 1999.

While serving the community as a councillor for nearly two decades, he has served on various planning committees, and has extensive experience in government.

Cr Andrew Wilson was elected as a Councillor and the first Lord Mayor of the new City of Parramatta Council in 2017.

As a long-time local resident Cr Wilson understands the day-to-day issues that impact the City, and is committed to delivering improved outcomes for all residents and local businesses.

Consistent Community Support

Cr Wilson’s interests extend to the arts, particularly as a backer of the Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences move to Parramatta and in the long-term success of Riverside Theatres.

“I have consistently supported the Power House Museum move to Parramatta because I believe it is valuable for our local economy and will enhance the Arts precinct.

“When I was first elected they were going to privatise the theatres but the successful tenderer was not under written. I believed we would lose the theatre to the bank underwriting their bid. I stopped this with the great help of the Lord Mayor at the time, David Borger, and the strong input of both staff, consultants and the Arts community,” explains Cr Wilson.

As Lord Mayor and Councillor for the Rosehill Ward, he negotiated the provision of the Baylink shuttle bus in Wentworth Point.

“I believe the metro west should have had a stop in Wentworth Point. I have also argued for a light rail bridge between Melrose Park and Wentworth Point,” he says.

Andrew was the sole Councillor to consistently oppose the sale of Bartlett Park and has voted against all the increased density at Melrose Park.

Cr Andrew Wilson wants to see the city grow in a way that celebrates and preserves its history, while ensuring the community and local economy benefits through improved infrastructure and job creation.

“I was strongly in favour of trying to repeat our success in Church Street in Harris Park.  I supported the Indian Community in the visit of the Indian President and the gift of Gandhi statue,” he says.

Cr Wilson has been a supporter of ‘Eat Street’ on Church Street for over two decades. The Councillor voted against the sale of the carpark behind City Extra. He has generally voted against the sale of the carparks.

“Clearly the traffic and parking in Parramatta needs major work.  It is wonderful that we are now receiving significant support with light rail and the proposed metro, but the infrastructure should have been built before the expansion of Parramatta.  They are now having to retro fit all this infrastructure at significantly higher cost,” he explains.

Cr Wilson has strongly spoken out for Parramatta and the Rosehill ward, especially for economic, cultural, arts and community facilities.

“As Lord Mayor I was glad to be able to eventually negotiate the provision of the new pool in Parramatta.

“I kept my promise to you on the pool.  I thank my fellow councillors, the staff and the Deputy Lord Mayor for their efforts.

“Although I am frustrated with the delay, that was due to the hard bargaining of Council and the NSW Government, the end result will be magnificent. At several points I thought negotiations might have broken down but, it is a tribute to everyone that we were able to bring in a new pool,” says Cr Wilson.

Andrew was also prominent in supporting the Pavement Access Management Plan which created kilometres of new footpaths. As Lord Mayor he moved a Lord Mayoral Minute to create a more walkable city that was supported unanimously.

“I have been frustrated that after an initial report this has gone slowly. I pledge in the next term this will be my number one priority”, he says.

Cr Wilson supported the construction of Granville square as it will be major addition to the amenity of North Granville.

“As Lord Mayor I will make it my priority to get Parramatta the attention it deserves, and that involves working closely with State and Federal governments, business and community organisations, to ensure Parramatta reaches its full potential as Sydney’s Central City,” says Cr Wilson.