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Daily Mail | Light Rail delay hidden from public for 7 months

In yet another reason for Sydney residents to harbour resentment against the Sydney Light Rail project, it has now been revealed investors were told of huge delays seven months before the public.

The Spanish contractors working on Sydney’s $2.1billion light rail project told investors the project was massively delayed back in September last year.

The public was formally told in April, seven months after contractors working on the embattled project knew its completion would be pushed back until 2020, the AFR reported (08 May 2018).

Angela Vithoulkas, owner of George Street’s VIVO cafe and an independent councillor, said she had only seen a small work crew each day since January.

‘It takes more than three men and a broom to build light rail,’ she told Daily Mail Australia.

She claimed business owners were initially told that each section would take six to nine months – and major construction works began in October 2015.

‘I’m not a mathematician but three-and-a-half years is more than six to nine months – and there’s no end in sight,’ Ms Vithoulkas said.

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