Hawkesbury City Council


Let’s Save Small Business, Protect Our Families and
Support Our Local Communities


Small Business Party team for the Hawkesbury City Council Local Government Elections 2021Our Policies for Your Local Government


1. Rate Reduction

Residents in the Hawkesbury deserve immediate rate reductions. Rates should be fair and be calculated from the number of occupants of the land, not from land size. This current dysfunctional council system is costing some residents up to 300% more than some others.

2. Roads

Instead of temporarily patching and constantly repairing roads and streets, council should be carrying out the quality work to properly seal any new or old road/street. Our rates do not and never have reflected this.

3. Employ Local

Instead of contracting outside companies to perform any council work, local qualified businesses who have a commitment to the Hawkesbury should be receiving priority. Boost the local economy to benefit the residents of the Hawkesbury.

4. Save The Outer Suburbs

Our low populated outer suburbs have been ignored by this council for too long. They deserve the same service as the rest. Garbage collection, road maintenance and easy medical access has been lacking for decades.

5. Efficient Planning Administration

Applying for any type of development application (DA) in the current council carries a waiting period from many months to years. A simpler businesslike approach with no red tape will reduce wait times.


Meet our Candidates


Eddie Dogramachi Hawkesbury Council Small Business Party Local Government Elections 2021Eddie Dogramachi

Eddie Dogramachi is a manufacturer and supplier of consumables to the industrial maintenance industry, with his academic industrial chemistry and textile experience in the U.K., he has supported small businesses for 32 years.

Eddie will fight and work smart to correct all the wrongs this and previous councils have done to our residents and small businesses.

Mario Fenech

Mario Fenech is born and bred in the Hawkesbury, successful transport company owner and farmer.

He will do whatever is necessary to stand-by and support the ignored people of Hawkesbury. Mario will work tirelessly until we all get our rates worth. No empty promises, just results.

Jennifer Flynn

Jennifer Flynn has decades of experience in health care, aged care and public hospitals, along with a distinguished nursing career.

She has channelled all of that into her private medical clinic, managing the issues and in’s and out’s of the health care system that has all but abandoned our nurses.

Jennifer has long recognised the mismanagement of local politicians and council, the nightmare and congestion on our roads and how tough our local tradies have it.


Esma Celik

Esma Celik is an experienced and well credentialed company business growth manager, using her commerce and business degree to expand her family business as well as Samsung Electronics overseas.

Esma wants to be a voice for small business in local government. Her hands on experience of over 20 years will be an advantage for small business and council, ensuring better fiscal management and a voice that people can rely on.

Stephen Burke

Stephen Burke is a small business owner like all of us for over 35 years. As a Horticulturist and a former TAFE teacher, he believes in protecting all aspects of our Australian environment.

Stephen is committed to preserving our beautiful and unique heritage while also promoting tourism into the Hawkesbury.

Charlie Saliba

Charlie Saliba is a local family run small business owner for over 35 years. He has supported numerous charities over the years to assist local small businesses.

Charlie is passionate of a “fair go” for small businesses and will fight to get it right for farmers.