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Cut Immigration

February 19, 2019 Angela 0 Comments

Infrastructure in NSW is out of control – every year we bring in 100,000 new people while essential infrastructure like housing and public transport can’t keep up

Every year tens of thousands of people pour into Sydney – adding extra stress on our public transport, placing pressure on already cramped schools, and adding more congestion to our cities.

We believe that welcoming new Australians is important for our nation, but our current levels are unsustainable and impact the lives of the people who already live here.

Unless we have the infrastructure to cope the immigration levels – we must slow down.

We need to stop clogging up our cities and drive the growth of other city hubs outside the existing metropolis. We need to ensure that our families and businesses feel safe and secure in their neighbourhoods.

If we don’t act on immigration levels now we are going to face an even greater crisis.