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It’s time to cut our losses | Sydney Light Rail

April 12, 2018 Angela 0 Comments

This week Angela met with Miranda Devine from the Daily Telegraph to discuss the ill-fated Sydney Light Rail project and the impact it is having on the businesses and residents that lay in its path of destruction.

Following a discussion with Miranda on her Podcast on Tuesday the 10th of April (which you can listen to below)

Angela Vithoulkas spoke with Miranda again and said the light rail has been a “horror story” for over three four years. Her cafe on George and King Streets was once on one of the busiest intersections in Sydney.

The Sydney City Councillor was promised it would take just six to nine months for her “zone” to be built and after that the construction would move on to the next zone and she could continue as normal. But the construction never moved from outside her front door.

“I’ve been barricaded on a corner where you cannot see my cafe unless you fall over it. I have no foot traffic or passers-by and I’m vandalised on a regular basis because it’s all dark and quiet.”

Read the full article here.

Having problems? View the PDF of the article here.