The Small Business Party is a new political party representing the perspective of small business owners in New South Wales politics.

Angela Vithoulkas is the founder and leader of the party.  A small business owner, twice elected independent City of Sydney Councillor and small business advocate, she has most recently successfully campaigned for small business owners to receive rent relief to compensate for the devastating impact of light rail construction in Sydney’s CBD and surrounding suburbs.

The Small Business Party is fighting to ensure that small business is front and centre when it comes to Government policy and decision making.

As well as holding the NSW Government to account,  small business needs a voice in Canberra as part of the Federal parliament. But, we can’t do this alone!  We need you to get behind us and JOIN.

Joining is FREE and EASY –  simply fill in the form below.

PLEASE NOTE:  If you have joined the NSW branch of The Small Business Party there is no need to join the Federal party.

If you would like to find out more about The Small Business Party read our Frequently Asked Questions.

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Australia is a nation that is built off the back of small business.

By joining the party you are supporting the small business owners who add diversity and vibrancy to our local communities.

If you have any questions or an issue you feel could use our help please,

email or phone 0438 240 739.