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Newcastle Light Rail

As part of the NSW Government’s outrageous $80bn spend on infrastructure, Newcastle is in the midst of a light rail installation. Billed as part of the revitalisation of the city, the light rail is another Government project that is ignorant to the needs and requirements of local businesses and residents.

Newcastle Light Rail is a key part of Revitalising Newcastle and will provide a frequent and reliable travel option throughout the city centre, connect key activity precincts, reinvigorate Hunter and Scott streets, and open up great urban renewal opportunities. –¬†https://revitalisingnewcastle.nsw.gov.au/what-we-are-doing/newcastle-light-rail/

It comes as no surprise, that like the other light rail projects across Australia, this is another case where options on a spreadsheet translate into damage and destruction for those on the ground.

Plenty of businesses and residents have been decimated by this program, where a project once again is undertaken in a haphazard fashion. Despite assertions that the project would be done in a staged fashion to limit problems, the route has been ripped up and decimated. Some businesses have already closed, others are on the line, and ALL have no certainty as to what their future will be.


Once again, this NSW Government puts progress ahead of its people


Key Information

  • 2.7 kilometres in length, running from Newcastle Interchange at Wickham to Pacific Park in Newcastle East, just 200 metres from Newcastle Beach
  • Light rail will follow the old rail corridor for approximately one-third of the route before moving onto Hunter and Scott streets
  • Stops will be located at Newcastle Interchange, Honeysuckle (near Hunter Street TAFE), Civic, Crown Street, Market Street and Pacific Park
  • High frequency turn-up-and-go services every 7.5 minutes during peak times
  • Capacity to transport 1,200 people per hour
  • A new fleet of light rail vehicles with air conditioning and an accessible low-floor design.

Light Rail Map

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