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2GB | Parramatta businesses terrified about light rail

19 June 2018 Rahul 0 Comments
Last night Angela, along with Alan Jones met with business owners along the Church Street "Eat Street" precinct in Parramatta. Beginning later this year, it is proposed that a new 12km Light Rail project is commenced from Westmead Hospital out to Carlingford, via Parramatta city. Business owners indicated they were receiving no information about the construction, there had been no consultation, and ultimately they didn't see the need for the project at all. This morning on 2GB, Angela spoke with Alan about the meeting, the concerns of these businesses, and the fact that Government were repeatedly unable to learn from their previous mistakes. Angela was scathing in her comments to the Government saying, “It appears they’re more than happy to destroy a few hundred businesses along the way off the back of what they’re calling state significant infrastructure. “It’s just astonishing that they still haven’t sat down to talk with these people.” Listen to the full segment below

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