7 News | Bringelly and the Western Rip-off-atropolis

20 March 2019 Admin 0 Comments
Last friday Angela and the team met with residents and businesses from Bringelly - next to the Western Sydney Aerotropolis (Badgery's Creek Airport). Members of the Southern Gateway Precinct group came together at the Bringelly Childcare Centre to express their concerns over planning decisions to rezone their entire neighbourhood - to agricultural. When plans initially proposed the region become industrial or mixed-use, the local residents were excited. This zoning would allow the almost 1000 businesses to continue or expand, and would provide new opportunities for others to move into the region. At the same time, developers began approaching residents and offering purchase prices well above market. When planning decisions were revised late in 2017 these interested parties walked away, plummeting property prices and destroying any chance of fair market value being achieved for these residents. Watch the full segment below:

The Liverpool Champion also covered this story, and their piece can be viewed here

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