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7 News | Northern Beaches Hospital causes headaches

29 July 2018 Rahul 0 Comments
For 18 months or more, the road upgrades being undertaken to support the Northern Beaches Hospital Upgrade at Frenchs Forest, have caused chaos for local residents and businesses. There are hundreds of businesses along the route, and all of them are feeling the pinch caused by inadequate access, removal of parking capabilities, and general disorder. Following her success in achieving relief for businesses affected by the Sydney Light Rail, business owners reached out to Angela to help - and she has come through. Alongside Rick Mitry from Mitry lawyrs, Angela has visited business owners and begun the process of bringing them together for a class action against the NSW Government, who they say has failed them incredibly. Alex Hart from 7 News came along last week, as Angela met with owners, discussed solutions, and pledged to support them until they get the resolutions they need. Watch the 7 News piece below https://youtu.be/lT1LSQUzAn4 As well as 7 News, Jim O'Rourke from the Manly Daily was there, as he has been many times before, to speak with business owners about the tragedy they are facing. You can read the full article from the Manly daily here.

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