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Angela on ABC, The Drum 8 September 2021

8 October 2021 Teresa 0 Comments

Last night on Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) The Drum I joined #JuliaBaird along with #BradMcKay#JohnDavis and Sally Rugg and discussed the #NSW government’s “roadmap” out of #lockdown. I’m absolutely gutted.

My fellow #SmallBusiness owners are petrified, even after this morning’s press conference, the NSW Premier further reiterated that there is NO actual plan, let alone a COVID Safe Plan for small businesses to open up. There are no real assurances for business owners, despite the bureaucrats having over 18 months of hindsight when seeing what has happened overseas.

Not only that, there is still no actual date set for the reopening of all businesses (however there is a date set for opening of schools), yet they keep telling us to “be prepared and ready”.

Be prepared for what? Telling us to open our café’s with 24 hours notice?

Or allowing people to book venue’s  for… a date I’m not even sure of?

Rehire staff when I still don’t know who can/how many.

And wait for it…If you live in or have a business in one of the 12 LGA’s of concern I still don’t know whether I will be able to open up anytime soon, so why do they  keep telling us to be prepared and excited??

Will people be able to enter your premises? Spend $30k (that you don’t have) to reopen and run the risk of a positive case among staff or customers, then what?

Worst yet, open your business BUT it will only remain open on the condition that there are no high rates of transmission in the local community because I could be locked up or locked out again?!

Also, please explain this: why will the pubs be full while you can’t service a funeral or wedding with more than 50 people?

The #SmallBusinessOwners of Sydney and NSW demand answers, a REAL plan, accountability and reassurances.

If you’re concerned about opening up your business, please send me a message or get in touch with me or leave a comment here.

For last night’s full episode please click here.

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