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Lockout laws and the fate of small business

26 October 2018 Rahul 0 Comments
4 years after their forceful implementation - the Sydney lockout laws have done a large amount to reduce alcohol fuelled violence and crime in the Sydney CBD. What they have also done however, is force the closure and destruction of 180 small businesses across the region. Yesterday I joined a couple of hundred others as we marched on Parliament House to support a bill pushing to repeal the lockout laws which was tabled in the Legislative Council. Hopefully this is the start of repairing the damage done to Sydney as a global city, and one we can all learn from. I have been fighting as a small business advocate for the past few years, and off the back of the struggles and trials we have faced, I will be fighting hard at the 2019 NSW State Election with the Small Business Party. The Small Business Party aims to be the representative voice for the 700,000 small businesses across the state of New South Wales, and to fight for their needs in the NSW Parliament.
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