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Small Business Party Takes the Fight to Town Hall

5 October 2021 Belindas 0 Comments

Angela Vithoulkas of The Small Business PartyIn the time of Covid-19, small businesses need strong representation more than ever. John Moyle spoke with Small Business Party (SBP) founder and leader Angela Vithoulkas, as well as SBP members and supporters, about the issues facing small businesses in the current climate.

City of Sydney Councillor Angela Vithoulkas, the founder and leader of the Small Business Party, is seeing red over the way small businesses in NSW have been treated and is taking the fight to the NSW local government elections in December.

“The City of Sydney has done nothing to advocate for the realities that small businesses are facing,” Angela Vithoulkas said.

“Part of the City’s remit in governance is to advocate to other levels of government on behalf of our residents and business owners, and the only thing that the City has done is photo opportunities with state government and a crack at the federal government for not rolling out the vaccine faster.”

Formed by Vithoulkas in 2017, the Small Business Party was envisaged as a voice for small businesses and those employed by them – who account for a whopping 50 per cent of the workforce.

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