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SMH | 3 in the morning is not optimal book-shopping time

7 November 2018 Rahul 0 Comments
Small businesses have questioned the point of a proposal to introduce 24-hour trading in Sydney's CBD, raising concerns about staffing costs and demand from late-night shoppers. The City of Sydney has proposed allowing unlicensed shops in the centre of Sydney to trade around the clock, and extended trading in local centres such as Glebe and Surry Hills,  in a bid to "jump start" the city's night life.

City of Sydney councillor and founder of the Small Business Party, Angela Vithoulkas, said councillors were given details of the proposed changes on Monday.

"I think this is an interesting concept, but I don’t think it’s based on the reality of what these types of businesses are and what they serve," Cr Vithoulkas said.
The extended trading hours would not have an impact on the NSW government's 1.30am lockout laws, which currently apply to pubs across Sydney's CBD.
Empowering unlicensed venues to trade for longer could be misguided, Cr Vithoulkas said, because customers typically didn't use those kinds of services after hours.
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