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Sydney CBD Businesses Already Suffering Even Without Lockdowns

5 October 2021 Teresa 0 Comments

It’s an incredible and surreal situation when you have an interview at a time that refers to our “Quasi Lockdown” because we all thought that Sydney was only going to be a short sharp lockdown. Here are some interesting points that the incredible Brooke Corte host of 2GB’s Money News:

  • That short sharp 3 day lockdowns only help contact tracers and not the spread of COVID19
  • We have great contact tracers that were going to sort it all….
  • Our capital cities right across Australia were clearly suffering from the sheer weight of time
  • Sydney was going to finally face what life was like for Melbournians & Victorians
  • Sydney’s CBD went into this temporary lockdown with businesses down by 40% from pre COVID and a 60% vacancy rate. 
  • For thousands of business owners it already wasn’t viable to stay open, let alone face a forced lockdown
  • When the CBD – Central Business District of Sydney was suddenly declared a hot spot it came as a huge shock, we were totally unprepared

The local ecosystem that small businesses operate in and co-exist with big business became so devasted that insolvency issues and permanent termination imminent for many.

The final thought is this: how do they ever make up for what they have lost?

Click here for a link to the Podcast.

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