You are My Why

5 October 2021 Belindas 0 Comments

Angela Vithoulkas Leader of The Small Business PartyWhen you announce to the world you are running a political campaign to unseat the single most successful politician in Australia, you better have something to say.

Putting up my hand to be the next Lord Mayor of Sydney isn’t something I do lightly.

I have served the people of the City of Sydney for the past 9 years already as an elected councillor.
But I think the time is right.

And it is time people hear what my campaign stands for, what I want to change and what the future looks like.

You can get to know me a little here, click the link to listen:
Sydney Sentinel “Speakeasy”:

When I made my decision to stay in politics (I was going to retire) I knew I had to re-discover my “why”.
Why continue?
Why persist?

Thank you to those who inspired me to stay – the small business community.

You are my why.

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