Cut Red Tape

19 October 2019 Angela 0 Comments
Small businesses in Australia SUFFER through OUTRAGEOUS amounts of red-tape in any given week. In NSW, small businesses are spending roughly 14 hours a week on compliance - time they could be spending on growing their business and their families! The costs of meeting this compliance is estimated at a STAGGERING $58,000 per year! Recent data from the IPA shows that we have had an enormous increase in legislation over the past decade (6000 pages a year!)* Data also shows that larger corporations use their size and influence to push for compliance changes which SCREW OVER the little guys. Government has a responsibility to protect small businesses and ensure we can thrive - we are the heart and soul of this nation, employing roughly half of the workforce. *Researchers use the change in the number of pages of legislation as the marker for changes in red tape levels