19 October 2019 Angela 0 Comments

The Small Business Party believes all residents in NSW have the right to affordable housing – whether that housing is owned or rented. We see that current legislation and government inaction plays a significant role in the lack of affordable housing in the NSW market – especially Sydney.

Small businesses help to create, shape, and service local communities. In order to start-up, grow and maintain businesses all across the state, owners and their employees need access to affordable housing options within a reasonable distance of their places of work.

Local businesses create local jobs, can help to reduce the impact of congestion on local areas, and improve the local economy for all. Local communities thrive around strong small businesses, the jobs they create, and the benefits they bring to all those within the local amenity. Young people starting work, young families, and our older Australians can all benefit from thriving local communities.

Whilst the goal of good housing policy is to encourage people into the market, we need to ensure that people have access to affordable rental options. Even with good policy changes not everyone will be able to transition from renting to owning straight away and there will always be a need for affordable rental housing options to keep those local communities thriving.

Housing affordability is not a single faceted problem, and as such is addressed throughout this policy in a number of key areas, those being:

  1. Transfer (Stamp) Duty Reform
  2. Self-Funded Retiree & Pensioner Transfer Duty Reform
  3. Land Release and Housing Construction Reform
  4. Community Infrastructure Investment Reform
  5. Environment and Planning Legislation Reform

To learn more or access the complete policy document, then please reach out to