Fix Education

19 October 2019 Angela 0 Comments

In Australia we spend 3.9% of GDP on education through Government funding - a figure well below top performing nations like Denmark and Sweden

In NSW - that amount is roughly $17Bn each year, yet we are still facing issues with outcomes for our children.

The curriculum in schools has been questioned for many years and yet no substantial changes are being made to correct increasingly poorer outcomes.

We need to ensure that we are spending money on the right objectives in education and that we are encouraging and rewarding those teachers who have a passion for the job.

Exams like the HSC are substantial sources of stress for young adults and we place way too much emphasis on the outcomes of this one exam period.

We need to remove the "one day of your life" exam scenario for the HSC and encourage ongoing and cumulative assessments to reduce teen stress and give our kids a better shot at success.