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HANDS OFF Accounting Fees

19 October 2019 Rahul 0 Comments

Leave accounting fees alone

  • Under a Labor government, a maximum deduction of $3,000 would apply to ALL business owners for accounting fees.  This is ludicrous! It would be hard to find one small business in the country that pays this tiny amount.  How out of touch is Labor?

  • Recent years have seen a raft of government changes to regulations, charges, fees and red tape.  All have made the accounting profession’s job more complex and expensive.  Small business can’t be made to pay for government tinkering in this way.

  • This restriction is anti-small business and puts another barrier in the way of growth and sustainability of all small businesses, including start-ups and micro businesses.

  •  The cost of compliance for small business is ever increasing, how can they continue to be compliant if they are priced out of professional services?

  • What are Labor’s policies  that will cut the cost of government from where true long term savings for the economy should come from?