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Let's Save Small Business Together

Small businesses need a champion now more than ever. Consistently Governments’ make decisions which destroy small businesses, hurt our families, and impact our local communities.

The Small Business party stands for a better deal for small business, the engine room of the AUSTRALIAN economy.  We are NOT just another party pushing yet another, and often fringe, political issue.  While the world changes someone still has to produce the taxes that pay for it all and small business do most of that heavy lifting.  AND they do it largely unaided. 

We are here to fight for these businesses and their families and ensure that progress doesn’t come at their expense.

Strong small businesses mean a strong and healthier economy.
We support people planning for retirement.
Accountability is essential for the success of our economy.
Energy costs shouldn’t put you out of business.
Red Tape costs small businesses $58,000 per year and 14 hours of unpaid work a week
Let's make it easier to employ people.
We need tax reform that's fair.
Small businesses need a level playing field.

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About & Mission

The Small Business Party is an Australian Political party founded in 2018 by City of Sydney Councillor, Angela Vithoulkas. After more than 30 years in business, Angela has seen and fought for all the issues faced by business owners, all across the country. She has been an elected political civic leader now for more than 7 years.

Small businesses and our communities are facing tougher conditions today than we have for some time; energy prices are skyrocketing, the rising cost of living is scaring our families, housing is unaffordable, taxes are being escalated and inflating costs, , and increasing levels of red-tape and compliance are negatively impacting business operators.

The time has come for someone to stand up to Government and say “Enough is enough” – Small Businesses are major employers, they are families, they are local communities, and they are the heart and soul of this great Australian nation.

The Small Business Party is ready to be their voice – to be their champion.


With over 2 million small businesses in Australia, and over 700,000 in NSW, we are simply too big to ignore


Small business employs almost 50% of the Australian workforce, and delivers roughly 35% of the nations productivity


Small businesses are the source of many of our needs as a society - if they vanish, our ability to maintain living standards may also vanish


Small businesses are more than just their owners, they are families and those of their workers


Small business is at the heart of every local community - they are the heart and soul of our great nation


Small business needs a champion who stands up for their needs first, with no allegiance to a union or factional influence

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Authorised by A.Vithoulkas for The Small Business Party, 34/110 Sussex Street, Sydney, NSW, 2000



Small businesses in Australia SUFFER through OUTRAGEOUS amounts of red-tape in any given week.

In NSW, small businesses are spending roughly 14 hours a week on compliance - time they could be spending on growing their business and their families!

The costs of meeting this compliance is estimated at a STAGGERING $58,000 per year!

Recent data from the IPA shows that we have had an enormous increase in legislation over the past decade (6000 pages a year!)*

Data also shows that larger corporations use their size and influence to push for compliance changes which SCREW OVER the little guys.

Government has a responsibility to protect small businesses and ensure we can thrive - we are the heart and soul of this nation, employing roughly half of the workforce.

*Researchers use the change in the number of pages of legislation as the marker for changes in red tape levels



Governments in Australia are more concerned with appeasing either the climate change believers or the sceptics than to bother doing anything about our SKYROCKETING energy prices.

We have an issue in NSW with wasting huge amounts of generated power - much of which could be reduced with an effective transition to smarter cities.

Since 2015 we have seen an increase in energy prices of around 130% - this is unsustainable and is forcing small business to the wall!

The Grattan institute shows these increases are due to supply costs (which are likely unnecessary) and gaming of the system (to create a false lack of supply), which is currently legal under our frameworks.


An effective energy and sustainability policy is vital to protect our small businesses, our families, and to ensure the viability of our local communities.





Stamp duty adds a huge upfront burden to first-home buyers, young families, and discourages retirees and pensioners from downsizing their home.

Data shows that stamp duty adds an EXTRA 17% to the deposit needed to purchase a new home - in Sydney this means home buyers now need on average a $250000 DEPOSIT* to purchase a home.

Stamp duty also prevents retirees and pensioners from downsizing to more suitable housing, which affects their quality of life and the overall levels of housing supply.

We will:

  • ABOLISH stamp duty for downsizing retirees and pensioners,
  • SLASH stamp duty rates for everyone else, and
  • PROTECT home buyers through the implementation of a HECS style (staggered payment) system to reduce the UPFRONT BURDEN on purchasers.


*Figures based on Sydney median house price of $1,000,000



There are better ways to raise funds for state growth without punishing one of the largest contributors to our states' coffers - the small business sector. Why does small business always pay multiple times in NSW - WE carry an unfair burden.

Payroll tax is a disincentive to business growth - plain and simple.

Jobs and growth is the great motto of Governments year in and year out - but they actively try to stifle that.

If payroll tax wasn't a barrier to jobs growth in the small business sector, then why does Government need programs to subsidise this tax (if you call $6000 an incentive at all).

Removing this burden on small businesses WILL drive jobs growth, business investment, and innovation - all vital to a sustainable economy.



If we remove the burden of land tax from NSW, we reduce the overheads necessary for businesses to operate, but also assist with housing affordability for families and communities.

The Small Business Party believes that land tax is a significant inhibitor to business and family stability. As land taxes continue to rise in NSW, these costs need to be accounted for in some way and more often than not are passed onto those small businesses and families.

This is another tax on property in NSW, which is already heavily and unfairly taxed.

On average across Sydney in 2018 - land tax accounted for the following extra costs on private tenants and commercial lessees:

  • An average of $5028 in land tax (on a residential investment property)
    • This equals an extra $100 PER WEEK to the average renter in Sydney
  • An average of $21028 in land tax (on a commercial investment property)
    • This equals an extra $400 PER WEEK to the average commercial tenant in Sydney