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Let's Save Small Business Together



Small businesses need a champion now more than ever. Consistently Governments’ make decisions which destroy small businesses, hurt our families, and impact our local communities.

The Small Business party stands for a better deal for small business, the engine room of the AUSTRALIAN economy. We are NOT just another party pushing yet another, and often fringe, political issue. While the world changes someone still has to produce the taxes that pay for it all and small business do most of that heavy lifting. AND they do it largely unaided.

We are here to fight for these businesses and their families and ensure that progress doesn’t come at their expense.


Our Mission

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The Small Business Party is ready to be their voice – to be their champion.


With over 2 million small businesses in Australia, and over 700,000 in NSW, we are simply too big to ignore


Small business employs almost 50% of the Australian workforce, and delivers roughly 35% of the nations productivity


Small businesses are the source of many of our needs as a society - if they vanish, our ability to maintain living standards may also vanish


Small businesses are more than just their owners, they are families and those of their workers


Small business is at the heart of every local community - they are the heart and soul of our great nation


Small business needs a champion who stands up for their needs first, with no allegiance to a union or factional influence