Eddie Dogramachi: A Champion for Small Business and a Stronger Hawkesbury Community

If you’ve been searching for a passionate advocate who truly understands the needs of small businesses and the local community in the Hawkesbury area, look no further than Eddie Dogramachi. As a small business owner, local resident, and a councillor in the Hawkesbury Council, Eddie brings a wealth of experience and firsthand knowledge to the table. His candidacy for The Small Business Party is a testament to his dedication to creating a thriving, connected community in Hawkesbury.

Lower Rates to Foster Small Business Growth

One of the key pillars of Eddie’s platform is his commitment to lowering rates for small businesses in the Hawkesbury region. As a small business owner himself, Eddie understands the challenges faced by these businesses and the importance of creating a supportive environment for growth. Lower rates will help alleviate financial burdens on small business owners and encourage new families to invest in the community.

Fixing Hawkesbury’s Roads for a Safer, More Efficient Community

Eddie Dogramachi is well-aware of the impact that poor road conditions can have on the local community. Not only do bad roads create safety hazards for drivers, cyclists, and pedestrians, but they also discourage visitors and potential customers from entering the area. Eddie is dedicated to securing funding and working with local government to improve the quality of Hawkesbury’s roads, benefiting both residents and businesses alike.

Employing Local Tradies for a Stronger Hawkesbury

Eddie’s vision for Hawkesbury includes harnessing the skills and talents of local tradies to drive improvements in the community. By engaging local tradies in infrastructure projects, Eddie aims to create more job opportunities for residents while ensuring the use of local knowledge and expertise. This approach will help build a more robust local economy while fostering a sense of pride in the community.

Reducing Council Waste for a More Efficient Local Government

Eddie Dogramachi is committed to reducing waste within the Hawkesbury Council. As a councillor, he has seen firsthand how inefficiencies and wasteful spending can hinder progress and negatively impact the community. Eddie believes that by streamlining processes, cutting unnecessary expenses, and encouraging innovation, the Council can better allocate its resources towards the initiatives that truly matter to Hawkesbury residents and small business owners.

Eddie Dogramachi’s candidacy for The Small Business Party is a breath of fresh air for the Hawkesbury community. His experience as a small business owner, local resident, and councillor has given him a unique perspective on the challenges faced by the community and its businesses. With a focus on lowering rates, fixing bad roads, employing local tradies, and reducing council waste, Eddie is committed to creating a thriving, connected Hawkesbury that benefits everyone. Vote 1 for Eddie Dogramachi and help create a brighter future for Hawkesbury’s small businesses and the community as a whole.

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