Council Election September 2024

With the council election coming up in September 2024, there’s a real buzz in the air. This election is a big deal and a chance for all of us to have a say in the future of our community. With so much on the line, it’s more important than ever to stay informed and make your vote count.

If you can’t make it on election day, or if you just want to avoid the rush, you can vote early at pre-poll venues in Richmond or Windsor. It’s a convenient way to ensure your voice is heard.

This year, why not consider stepping away from the usual big party candidates and take a closer look at independent candidates like Eddie Dogramachi and Rodney Galea from The Small Business Party? With so many people feeling let down by mainstream politics, it’s the perfect time for new ideas and real change.

Eddie brings a fresh perspective. He’s all about supporting small businesses and our local community. Having been in the business world, he truly understands the challenges small business owners and residents face. Over the past few years, Eddie has also exposed several instances of council waste, like the unnecessary $30 million spent on sewer repair in Windsor, making sure our resources are used more wisely.

Together with Rodney Galea, Eddie is promoting policies that matter to our community:

Employing Local

Hiring local tradespeople keeps money within our community, ensures better service, and builds stronger connections. Local workers understand our needs and deliver quality work, which strengthens our local economy and enhances our community life.

Stop Council Waste

We need to stop council waste. For example, the $30 million wasted on unnecessary sewer repairs in Windsor could have been avoided. By cutting such needless expenses, we can redirect funds to vital community services. Transparency in spending will make sure our taxpayer money is spent wisely and benefits everyone.

Make Rates Fair

Lowering land ownership rates can relieve hardworking families and boost economic growth. We aim to find and eliminate inefficiencies without cutting essential services. Our goal is to keep rates affordable while maintaining a high quality of life for our communities.

In a time when many of us feel disappointed by broken promises, Eddie and Rodney offer a genuine option for positive change. As the council election in September 2024 approaches, remember that your vote can make a difference. Consider supporting The Small Business Party to help bring real, meaningful improvements to our community.

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